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Adventure, Nature Exploration, Cultural Discovery, Rejuvenation, Yoga...

The Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is a paradise for outdoor activities, some easily enjoyed at your own pace, other organized by reputable tour providers. Most travellers engage in a mix of activities, based on their interests and the weather at the time of their visit. Bellow you will find a summary of activities, however many more are available. Please take the time to read the information at the links provided and let us know if we can be of further assistance. 

Adventure and Nature Exploration - Organized Tours

Some of the most popular adrenaline filled activities are:

- river rafting by Exploradores Outdoors (can be also utilized as a mean of transportation from San Jose to La Selvatica or viceversa)

- zip line canopy tours by Terraventuras

- horseback riding

- turtle watching (March - June and September) by ATEC

- hikes with professional guides in the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Reserve by ATEC

- dolphin watching by ATEC

- different combos tours (involving 2-4 activities) organized by ATEC or Terraventuras

Independent Activities

Some activities are really easy to plan and attend at your own pace:

- a visit at the Jaguar Wildlife Rescue Center. There are two public tours daily (at 9:30am and 11:30am, every day); private tours are also available by request. The Center is located in Playa Chiquita, within 25 minutes walking distance from La Selvatica. If you are willing to help the center rehabilitate the animals before releasing them back into the jungle, you may want to know that the powder goat milk donations are always welcome, as the product is difficult to source in Costa Rica. Details on the center website above. 

- chocolate tours: a fun and interactive way to learn about the cocoa growing and chocolate making process, as well as taste some of the final product! We recommed Caribbeans which is located in Cocles (4km from La Selvatica toward Puerto Viejo).

- jungle hikes in the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Reserve or Cahuita National Park. We would be happy to provide details by request. 

- snorkelling at Punta Uva

- biking along the Coast, from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo, and stopping by for lunchcoffee or a chocolate tasting. 

Cultural Discovery

The Southern Caribbean (Caribe Sur as referred to by the locals) is a fascinating melting pot of cultures. Local indigenous people (BriBri's) have historically lived together with Ticos (Costa Ricans of Hispanic origin), as well as a significant Afro-Jamaican population. Add to this a sizeable Chinese immigration in the 1800's and a more recent settlement of expats of European, North American and Latin American origin and a full flavour of the active multiculturalism of this area can be observed. 

The indigenous people are proud to share some of their lifestyle with visitors. Some of the activities that can be enjoyed are hikes in the Kekoldi Indigenous Territory, meeting healers of traditional medicine, spending the day/overnight in a reserve and so much more. For details and online reservations, please visit ATEC (local non-profit organization). 

Rejuvenation, Spa, Yoga

Other options for spending quality time (and some ideas for a rainy day) are: visit an award winning jungle spa (chocolate body wrap or papaya facial?) or take a yoga class at one of the nearby yoga studios. Of course, spending some time with one of the books from our collection at Casa Grande or playing a board game (found in the reading nook) are always good options, as well. 

Visit the Pure Jungle Spa website for treatment ideas. For information on yoga classes, please inquire with your host as schedules change often.